View any window using viewndow

Keep your desired window always on top and be able to do more!




Why Viewndow

Easy to use

One click to select window to keep on top


Viewndow takes almost nothing*, but seamlesly does the job.
* installed it takes just a fraction of your hdd, cpu, ram and network

Trusted by thousands HEU*

Widespread amazing community around the globe.
* 1 HEU - one happy everyday user.


How to use the software

Any profession

This is to be used by programmers, designers, film makers or any other screen-person.

Mobile like experience

Picture-In-Picture experience like mobile operating systems are offering. i.e. youtube mini player on top while you are browsing in Chrome.

Multiple screen support

Though Viewndow was primarily made for users who have small screen, the software is fully compatible to multi screen set-ups.

Climate change

Using Viewndow you can use less displays and use less energy. And that can be your input to saving the environment.

Easy to use

Just take and use, without any need of learning, how-to, reading the manual. Your desired window may be always on top in just a few clicks.

Safe to use

Safe to use on any device no matter if it is your personal, enterprise, new or old device.

Eye saver

Your eyes are irritated less by having everything in one screen, so you don't need to re-adjust by changing your focus to other screen with different color, light, contrast and resolution settings

No setup needed

Viewndow doesn't change any settings on the device, so there is zero mess possibility in your device because of the Viewndow.

Viewndow is free of charge - no trials, no limited funcionalities.

We may sometimes use your internet connection to access public internet resources. Read more in terms.


Available for MS Windows

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